There are many activities available in the area to suit all ages and interests.  A small selection of things to do include:

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Murder Mystery Evenings


We have found that one of the most popular activities for weekend house parties or special events such as birthdays is a “Murder Mystery” evening.   We will help you make arrangements for a memorable evening as we describe below:   


  • Let us know that you want to hold a Murder Mystery Evening.   We will send you a list of the Murder Mystery games we have. Choose the game you want to play.

  • Decide if you want a dinner to be cooked and served for you as part of the event.  Please specify any dietary requirements.   We will consult with you concerning the menu and serving arrangements.

  • Decide if you want us to provide any costume items for you and your guests.  We keep a small stock of "fancy dress" and accessories for this purpose.

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